Delivery Information

Delivery Information:


Is delivery Free of cost?

Yes, purchases above $79.00 will be free delivery.

Delivery cost for Purchases less than $79.00 is $9.90


What are your delivery areas?

Our Delivery area is greater Sydney, Australia. Please check your post Code at the checkout.  Some of the post code may not fall under Greater Sydney or could not be delivered due to various other reasons. If your post code does not listed, Please send us text message 040 345 1060 with complete address, We will try to find solution.


Do you do same Day Delivery?

Yes, Order received before 8AM are delivered on same day.

Order placed after 8AM will be delivered next day.

There is also an option for you to choose delivery date according to your requirements.


Do you do Weekend Delivery for Saturday’s and Sunday’s?

Weekends delivery for Saturdays and Sundays are not available in some of the Post Codes. If you wish to receive deliver on Weekends Saturday or Sunday. Please send your complete address in

040 345 1060 with your preferred day. We will try to deliver.


What time of the Day will the goods are delivered?

Normally, goods are delivered in a day time. 12 PM- 6 PM. However, it depends upon many other factors such as traffic, route etc.


What will happen if no one is at the address to receive delivery?

If no one is at the address to receive delivery, our delivery drive will leave goods at the safest possible spot. You will also get notification on your phone.

Please Note: Since some food items are temperature sensitive and in case goods get spoiled due to this reason. We will not be responsible. However, we generally package goods properly for perishable goods to last long enough for a day.




Can We Pick up?

Yes, you can pick up your order from our shop with no extra cost. Please make a note at the check out of your pickup time.


For any other Delivery Enquires:

02 9603 4760