best indian snacks to try in australia

10 Iconic Indian Snacks You Must Try in Australia

When it comes to multicultural food scenes, Australia strives for authenticity - especially with beloved Indian snacks! Beyond sustenance, this flavorful chaat provides a comforting connection to cultural roots for many expats worldwide. So let’s properly explore the sheer diversity of Indian bites and why you must sample them down under.

The Role of Snacks in Indian Food Culture

India’s cuisine intricately combines 6 taste profiles - sweet, sour, salty, bitter, astringent and spicy. This balanced complexity aimed at health underlies the iconic vegetarian and non-vegetarian snacks cherished globally.

Colloquially dubbed “chaat”, traditional Indian snacks encompass a breadth of flavorful bite-sized plates, fritters, dumplings and more meant for afternoon pick-me-ups. Street cart vendors known as “chaat wallahs” deftly customise combinations of crispy dough, cooling yoghurt, fragrant spices and vivid chutneys in creative frankensteins.

Beyond taste, the aromas and chatpati (crisp) textures provide a soul-nourishing connection to cultural roots and heritage for over 700,000 Indian diaspora in Australia.

So let’s properly explore the top 10 authentic Indian and Nepali snacks now popular across aussie cities from Adelaide to Melbourne:

1. Samosa

This triangular savoury pastry seals a spiced potato-pea filling within golden fried flakes. Its ubiquitous status earns comparison to American donuts or Australian meat pies.


The harmonious contrast between crisp exterior and hearty interior makes samosas a beloved snack for celebrations, rains or chai time. They’re often served with mint, tamarind or cilantro chutneys for added zing.

Fun fact: India once made the world’s largest samosa according to Guinness World Records, weighing over 37 kgs! Now that’s a lot of samosas.

2. Momo

Originally from Tibet, these petite dumplings dubbed momos contain either non-veg or pickled veggie fillings. Momos are always served alongside vibrant orange chilli sauce for dipping. Their popularity spread through Nepal and now India where street vendors pinched millions daily.

momos in australia

Don’t be surprised if you unconsciously polish off a full platter - they’re just that moreish!

You can Order Momos in Australia . 

3. Pakora

Love fried foods? Then crisp pakoras will positively delight. These veggie fritters see onions, potatoes, spinach or paneer dipped in spiced chickpea batter and fried to golden perfection.

The gram flour lends a distinctly nutty flavour contrasting the crisp-tender vegetables inside. Served piping hot with mint chutney or tamarind sauce, pakoras become irresistible.


Fun fact: India reportedly sells an estimated total of 12 million pakoras every single day based on 600 grams consumed yearly per capita!

4. Bhel Puri

A beloved Indian street food, bubbly bhel puri entices all snackers with an eclectic mix of flavours and textures. It artfully combines puffed rice, fine sev, chopped veggie trinity, cool yoghurt and spiced tamarind chutneys.

bhel puri

Scoop after scoop, experience sweet, sour and spicy sparks that rouse all taste buds. Is it any wonder bhel puri now enjoys global fame? For the uninitiated, bhel puri converts even staunch snack traditionalists!

5. The Diverse World of Chaat

The term “chaat” itself refers to the flavorful savoury Indian snack category typically served at roadside food carts for afternoon pick-me-ups.

indian chaat

As mentioned earlier, the chaat family offers enormous diversity with distinct permutations across India’s regions.

Some popular chaats include:

  • Papdi chaat - multi-layered crackers topped with cool yoghurt, chilli and chutneys
  • Aloo tikki - crispy potato cutlets garnished with chickpeas and chutneys
  • Ragda pattice - potato patties smothered in spiced white pea stew
  • Dahi bhalla - soft lentil dumplings immersed in cool whipped yoghurt

With so many creative options, try assorted chaats from various cities for a flavour whirlwind!

6. Jalebi

Indulge your sweet tooth with jalebis - iconic corkscrew-shaped fritters dunked in vibrant orange sugar syrup infused with rosewater or saffron.

Hot oil gives jalebi its signature crisp yet absorbent texture to soak up the aromatic syrup. The combination instantly transports one back to the sweets markets or railway platforms of North India.

order jalebi

Grab a box to share for a sugary energy boost or sweet ending to any spicy meal!

Fun fact: An estimated 15,000 tons worth of jalebis get consumed in India every year. Now that’s a whole lot of sweet frying!

7. Pani Puri

Also known by regional names like golgappa or gupchup, bite-sized pani puri provides a fun, interactive snack experience ideal for groups.

First, make a small hole in the crisp, hollow puri shells to stuff with spiced potato, chickpeas, chilli, lime and tamarind.

pani puri or goalgappa

Then as you pop the whole shell into your mouth, flavoured water gushes forth with all ingredients to elicit a burst of sweet, spicy and tangy sensations. Just don’t wear your Sunday best when eating these messy parcels!

8. Innovative Samosa Variants

While samosa chaat creatively fuses samosas with cooling chaat garnishes, additional innovative variants keep popping up too!

samosa variants

Some modern stuffed samosa fillings include:

  • Cheese, corn and jalapeños
  • Minced lamb keema and peas
  • Diced chicken tikka or butter chicken

The possibilities are endless when chefs riff on the classic samosa format. From viral noodles or oreo samosas to gourmet fillings, keep an eye out for inventive twists!

9. Seekh Kebabs

seekh kebab in australia

Meat lovers rejoice with these flavour-packed kebabs adapting well to the busy Aussie lifestyle. Seekh kebabs feature minced lamb, chicken or turkey seasoned with onions, Indian spices and a touch of fresh cilantro.

The spiced meat mould is then threaded onto skewers and grilled to tender perfection with occasional basting. Pair hot, juicy seekh kebabs with mint chutney, onions and wedges of lime or lemon.

10. Masala Fries

Finally, what Indian snack round-up would be complete without crispy masala fries? Humble potato fries become extraordinary when shaken with signature Indian spice blends like chaat masala.

potato masala fries

Additional garnishes like sour cream, grated cheese, cilantro or fried curry leaves can provide flavour and textural contrast too. Spice-dusted fries also complement richer curries and gravies well at Indian feasts. So don’t skip the masala fries next meal!

Continue Exploring Iconic Indian Bites

Beyond daily sustenance, traditional Indian snacks provide a comforting connection to cultural roots and heritage for many expats worldwide. Their depths of spice and complexity of tastes simply cannot get replicated well outside of Indian chaat wallah kitchens.

So next time you host a cricket viewing party, satisfy snack attacks or just crave authenticity, explore sweets shops, veggie stalls and chaat carts around your city. Then invite friends to experience India’s culinary treasures right here in Australia through popular snacks!