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Daawat Golden Sella Basmati 5kg

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Product Description

Enjoy the highest grade of basmati rice with Daawat Golden Sella Basmati 5kg. Selectively sourced from the foothills of the Himalayas, this premium basmati rice is aged for superior flavor, texture, and aroma. Its premium quality is evident from its superior length of grains that can grow up to twice their original size when cooked. Create flavorful meals with this long-grained, non-sticky basmati.


About this item

  • Retain more of the vitamins and minerals from the original grain
  • Parboiled rice is both cholesterol and gluten free
  • Low in sodium and saturated fat
  • Rice provides complex carbohydrates
  • LOW GI

Product Origin : India

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Daawat Golden Sella Basmati 5kg

$20.90 AUD